Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Words all alone

my only comfort zone

a safe haven I seek

because I feel meek.....

Why is it me?

Why is it that others can't see?

I do tread on the lonely path

but I have words to make me last...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Bliss

Let me be free
from this mirage of life
Let me escape 
without any blight
Remove my shackles bound so tight

Let me flee....

.....into the light

This bliss of silence is all I seek
and forever unto that I want to cleave.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Conundrum

A child I am.....a child within

with the beads threaded on thin


everyone but me- I am still yearning to see

anyone but me- is still a mystery....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fantasy Of Life

My sister in Mangalore asked for a poem to be written on the topic Fantasy of Life. It is based on my earlier poems on 'Perspective of Life' but this is what I came up with:
The azure blue sky with white cottony clouds 
sea kissing the beach’s mouth 
miniature rainbows illuminating through dew drops
the sound of a horse-clippety clop, clippety clop!
“Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy....”

Poor Man:
Working hard all day 

earning more pennies come what may 
O Lord, I implore thee to heed... 
I have four mouths back home to feed 
“Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy....”

Rich Man:
Colourful translucence of polished floors
finest wooden mahogany doors
the biggest garden one can find
a big fat cheque ‘just to be kind’!
‘‘Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy.....”

Education and empowerment in my life
ending of all dowry-related strife smiling parents at my birth
not considering me as a burden on earth....
‘‘Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy.....”

Arms of my mother around me
feeding me chocolate and candy a bunch of gifts from my father
is enough to fill the house with my laughter!
‘‘Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy.....”

Standing on the podium with a glitter at my neck 

preferably ‘the gold’ as it is the very best
carnations crowning my head 
awaiting the celebrations to be held.....
‘‘Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy.....”

Different people 

various lives
many fantasies

One world

One motion
the wheels of life
churn on and on....

The poem was declared second:)

Saturday, March 06, 2010


I was surfing the internet and stumbled on this link. You have to go and see it! This blog is a treasure...
Hey, by the way, its nice to be back! I missed all of you..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back Again?

Hello Everyone! Am back again after such a long hiatus. I am really sorry I have not been able to blog-hop for such a long time now. My exams are almost over and I will definitely be a regular fixature from now on.
I am facing a problem today-it's a first for this blog-what do I write about? Its been so long...so many things to write about that I am quite confused where to begin...
Wait..on second thoughts, let me start with the newest event of my life-my newly born niece Jasmine! Here is something I wrote down as soon as I saw her photograph-she is so cute....

(That miracle of creation….)

As the earth spun towards a new dawn
a lovely flower on this earth was born….
one plaintive cry heralded her arrival
a new being had announced her survival!

A red rose dear?
one teddy bear?
a breath of fresh air?
Who exactly was she?
The ans: an exceptionally beautiful Jasmine!

Crinkly hands
chubby cheeks
ruby red lips
very very small feet
Ah me!
That miracle of creation
was finally for us to see….

A burdened being she is
Oh yes!
Infact she has fallen into such a mess…
a mess of blessings
a mass of love
a bundle of kisses
a bunch of hugs!

Mama wishes ….
Time- don’t hustle by very fast
don’t make it too good to last
don’t make her grow old too swift
she is OUR precious gift!

Papa whispers…
My strong arms entwine you today
as they will whenever you say
My girl, I promise to make you see
all those life’s gifts that were denied to me…..

Big bro says….
I am young yet to hold you in my arms

but for 'gootness' you have oodles of sisterly charms!
Grow old fast
I need a playmate to make me last!

All said and done
God has been benevolent on everyone
that miracle of creation he bestowed us with
is a very very precious gift
we promise to nurture her with full zest
coz the Almighty has blessed us with HIS very best!

The family prays….
May HE grant us the strength for:
Heart of our heart
flesh of our flesh
our precious burden
to bring up and protect!

I truely hope that she becomes successful in everything she undertakes all her life....
As for all my friends-thank you for sticking by me even when I was not present for so many days. I will be coming to your blogs soon-have a lot to catch up on:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chicken feed

Feeding us
just as a butcher
fattens a hen, a goat
before killing it
in one stroke....
Tall promises!
Chicken feed!

Uninterrupted electricity
recarpeted roads
fixed traffic lights
solved 'fast track' cases
they need us....
they require our approval....

It's our blood
stamped across
yet another assent for them
to fill their coffers another five years.

Why should we vote?
For whom should we vote?
Is this the campaign?
Jaago Re! Jaago Re!

Let me state here that I am not against voting. This poem is just a small attempt to highlight the dilemma that we as citizens face each time there are elections.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Cute blogger that I am..

Thanks Preeti for this wonderful award! It made me feel so special....
The rule states-I have to mention 7 cute things about myself to claim the award.So, here goes...
1. Preeti said so (Thank You very much gal!)
2.I have this annoying habit of going away from the blog world for a long time and then cutely materialising back (lolzz-sorry everyone)
3. I have cute friends like Preeti, Usha,Yamini, 'A', Phoenix, Rat,Leo, Chriz, Ashutosh, Pinku, Anil,RiverSoul, Aayu,Sandhya, Ryn,Harshita, Priyanka, Anwesha and countless others always there to encourage me (thanks from the bottom of my heart guys)
4. Mampi supports me through and through.....(naturally if someone cute supports me, I will turn cute too)
5.I love reading .However I am into music as well. Can't live without both of them! (strange combination-I know)
6. I love Tom and Jerry (even at this age and after having seen it countless times in my life already)
7. Daydreaming is my biggest vice. Most of the times I dream about places I long to travel- thats the cutest thing I know about me because I can sit alone for hours altogether and still not feel lonely...(no, i am not weird!-lolzz)
I pass this on to each and every person who reads this post and blog because they all are equally cute for me-they make my blog look the best :) Thank You once again!
PS: Sorry for my long absences friends. I have my exams and unfortunately they have been postponed due to elections. I will be infrequent on the blog world but I promise I will catch up with the blogs as soon as I can. Sandhya and Preeti-thanks for your concern. I am alright, just a little busy:)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Glass Doors(1984)

Flimsy on it's hinges
chinks appeared on the glass
a discernable webbed pattern destructed the transluecence
and the strong foundation cracked under the force
the force of hatred
the force of caste
the force of religion
the force of creed.

There was a time
when a pure drop of sunlight bound it together
passing through the very heart of glass
and illuminating the floor with it's blinding sheen
the sheen of love
the sheen of brotherhood
the sheen of happiness
the sheen of coexistence.


A stone pelted by a child
broke the glass doors
pieces scattering on either sides
some big some small
pieces of heart
pieces of body
pieces of soul
pieces of mind

The glass doors
hitherto protected by intertwined hands
lay shattered
as the hands
left each other

The soul
the heart
the mind
the body
now wander lost and wailing
amidst the carnage.....

This poem depicts the anguish and the fear in the aftermath of the 1984 riots in India.(For those of you who are unfamiliar with the 1984 riots, you can read about it here).

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yamini, Anil and Ryn tag me

Hello Everyone! Sorry for my absence over such a prolonged period of time...
You would better get used to it because my exams are coming on soon and I won't be on the blogworld very frequently for these two months(lolzz). By the way, I have started a new blog on wordpress-Mampi's idea of course! She suggested that I start a new blog for my stories as I was not able to post the stories frequently-So, the new blog has its inception! You can read the story that I am currently writing here. Do comment and tell me your views because its you who make my day by your comments!

On to other things, Yamini, Anil and Ryn have tagged me and though it is a rather difficult tag, it is not time consuming. So I am doing it here. I will be breaking the rules though (sorry!)-anyone who likes the tag can take it up-I won't give any names because I am not sure how many of you have already answered that tag in my absence.
So, here goes...
THE 25 things tag-here are 25 random things about myself that came to my mind as I started finishing this tag...

1) I have a fetish for books and I never read a single type of book. I donot have this inclination that I have to complete one particular author's works.(If I can, well and good but it is not a necessity). In my library you will find books ranging from detective fiction to non-fiction.(Mom and I have around 250 books between us in our two libraries-you can guess I am absolutely bonkers over books).

2) I am in love and the love of my life is named GEOGRAPHY. It's my favourite subject and anything even remotely related with Geography arouses my interest in half-a-tick!

3)I cannot survive without internet . Without blogging I am nothing(and to think I didnot even know that this existed just a few months back!)

4)I am mad over nature and anything to do with it.

5)My biggest dream is travelling. I have not travelled much but I do have knowledge of many places of the world through books or internet. Most of the times, my internet activity is concentrated on places to see around the world and the various sites that enumerate the same.

6)I love colours and various hues (of nature particularly). Many times when it rains I keep on staring at the sky and the varied colour transformations it undergoes on the same as well as different days.

7)I am absolutely truthful. Sometimes, it goes to my detriment (and many a times I have been warned to keep my blabbing mouth shut too!) but I am truthful to the stark ,barbaric degree!

8)I have never seen snow or a desert, ridden a horse or a camel.

9)I am really nicknamed mithe.

10)I love music-again of all types.Soulful numbers, groovy , Indian, English are all on my list of favourites!

11)I eat only home cooked food and the only times I have eaten outside is when my family is present with me(please don't think me weird or something-there is a reason behind this that I am not disclosing here)

12)I am afraid of the dark(truely).

13)I know you don't 'rever' a person but I do-there are only two people on that position for me and will always be..Mama and Papa-R.S and K.S .

14)I am very adamant on some things and don't ever change my viewpoint regarding them, come what may.

15)I am a short tempered person but I never bear any malice towards anyone.(please give me suggestions to cure this short tempered thing-lolzzz)

16) I am still a child in many things.

17)My smile is inherited from Mama-so its something that I Thank God for...

18)I am a firm believer in God and destiny. 'Ultimately everything happens on the almighty's orders only-cliche but that's my belief.

19)My greatest fear is being unable to move a muscle and lying still due to some health problem.

20) I am a big time movie buff-I love watching both hollywood and hindi movies.

21)I love all kinds of sports. Most programmes I watch on TV pertain to sports.

22)I love gaining knowledge. If I don't understand anything, I don't hesitate to ask about it. Besides, I never lie and say 'I do know' when I don't.

23)Contrary to everyone's beliefs I adore hanging out with my friends. (I am sure that after reading everything till now, you would have thought the same..just joking)

24)My biggest problem is that I want to be 'unique' in each and everything...

25)I can never conceal my feelings..ever!(Its a big flaw that I have to counter)
Thank you Yamini for helping me know ME better. Usha's and A's tags have still have to be completed.Do tell me how you liked this tag.