Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dd u hve ur 'brekfust'?

Well Hello? What happened to my English?-you might say. Actually I have tried to bring out the pronounciation of two very beautiful American children in this one sentence! Today I got an exciting of my very dear friends got engaged! I was so happy for her [ and sad for me..of course :(..we will be parted very soon!].It's her fiance's sister's children that I am talking about here. All day long I had to listen a great plethora of things about "Sunny is like this"; "Sunny did this"; "Sunny called me up" etc. etc. I finally got so tired of all this 'sunshiny' talk (lol) that I told her to change her tune...Lo and behold- she began gushing about these kids (who sound very interesting I might add..SHH.. thats between you and me or else she will begin again!)with beautiful names in German(their father whom my friend calls 'brother' is German).Now the only sentence on her lips was "Dd u hve ur brekfust" in a very Americanised accent close to what those cuties must have asked her (I might add that within these 10-15 days her English has already started acquiring a very very American tone and I will make sure she is teased to no end about it-lol).Strangely enough the repetition ceased to annoy me any more because you know what-the look on her face while she demonstrated her fondness for two babies she has never met ,spoke loads about the depth of feelings she has begun to have about her 'new family'.Her innocent smile accompanying this sentence gave her a glow that is hard to describe in words and her face became quite animated whenever she mentioned her 'family'.She was so excited and happy the whole day that in her happiness I forgot my own gloom over an unusually hectic day at college. Thats what friends are for,aren't they? To spread cheers in lives of THEIR friends around them-knowingly or unknowingly...I pray to God she remains this happy person forever and hope that her 'sunshiny' life is never marred by even a small cloud of dissent or sadness. Love you loads dear M...and may God bestow all his choicest blessings on you!


Mampi said...

May everyone find their shiny...I mean sunny, and let all our dear girls be happy,
very cute write up.
Have read your other write ups but will comment later on.

Anonymous said...

thank u:)

Pinku said...

hey my very best wishes for your friend M and the sunny Sunny as well.

Nice write up and just a small query hope your friend is not leaving her studies half way inorder to get married. Please dont let that happen. It happens so often that i couldn't stop myself from asking.

Anonymous said...

Its ok..she doesnot have any immediate plans to abandon her studies..her fiance has strongly told her not to.& You are absolutely right..this does happen often!Even for her, her relatives here are pressurising her to leave studies but I had a long talk with her today and told her not to..lets hope she is strong enough to oppose all the mounting pressure!