Monday, October 20, 2008

Have you ever told?

"Happy Anniversery Mom and Dad"
is what you say
with expensive gifts and cards
that might have come your way.
Then you run on with your own life,
never for a moment thinking of your parent's strife.
They worked hard for you night and day
helping you keep all your problems at bay.
Then on their very special day,
you fulfil your duty by giving gifts and walking away?

Time passes and your birthday comes
bringing with it loads of gifts and lots of fun.
You throw a party and play the perfect host
In your happiness forgetting to thank two persons who matter the most.

It's not gifts that matter to your mom and dad
AND your indifference doesn't make them glad...
In your fast-paced 'busy' world
have YOU found time and hurled
your arms around Mommy and Daddy,
have You ever told them
"I love you Mom" and I love you Daddy"?


Rajindarjit said...

Your poetic expressions posted here are appreciable.
Keep it up!


Mampi said...

This is really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton Rajindejit Ma'am and Mampi:)