Monday, October 20, 2008


In the tinkling of a bell,
in the gurgling sounds of water in the well,
and in the home where I dwell,
there echoes-laughter.

In the chirping of birds on trees,
In the clashing of the keys,
and in the soft humming of the bees,
there resonates- laughter.

The lively cry of a baby,
the quietly swaying daisy,
swishing trees in a groove shady,
all signify-laughter.

So, laugh aloud ; laugh afresh
with hopes anew and dreams unexpressed,
praying for such an enchanted day
when all the gloom from this world is washed away!

1 comment:

Mampi said...

This poem has a great play on sounds. The very words sing.
What are you doing in the Geography deptt.
You should have been in my class.