Monday, October 20, 2008


You fell down and twisted your leg,
You FELT pain.
She cut her hand accidently with a knife,
She FELT pain.
He was blind from chilhood,
He FELT pain.
They were hurt in an accident,
They FELT pain.
I lost a dear one,
I FELT pain.


Many people were slaughtered during riots
She SAW pain.
Homes were blasted away during war,
She FELT pain.
The wailings of the victims rent the air,
She HEARD pain.
Mass graves were dug out off her womb,
She TOUCHED pain.
The aroma of the flowers and the stench of the bodies intermingled,
She SMELLED pain.

Aren't we better off with the pain we only feel?
But look our motherland still reels
under death, destruction and wars,
leaving her permanently scarred.
Why don't we stop this senseless slaughter?
Why do we murder someone's sons and daughters?


Rajindarjit said...

Feelings posted here touch the heart.Nice posting here
Keep it up!


Mampi said...


Anonymous said...

Thank u Rajinderjit Ma'am:)..It really encourages me to go on!

As for Mampi...she was d one who introduced me to this world..thank u..ur comments r always special..luv u ma'am!

Sheena said...

Awesome Kuriye..Highly obliged to post the comment on this page...Gr8 Job..GoD Bless Ya..!!

Sheena said...

Hey Sweet Heart awesome work done..highly contented to put comment up hea..keep rocking Gal..God Bless Ya..!!

Sheena said...

delete the first one plz..he he thanks..n delete dis one too thanks..he he

Anonymous said...

thank u sheena..sorry didnt hve d heart to delete d comments u put up so's ok d more the better!