Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time for Friendship

Two Nations, same people
Two bodies, same hearts
Two Countries, same stories
Two organs, same breath...
Then why do we indulge in this senseless slaughter?
Then why do we build thick fences of mortar?

Its not difficult to forge a friendship
because we HAVE lived several years in kinship.
Its the last hundred years that have jolted us apart
taking away the bonding of our hearts.
'Divide and rule' -they said
and it is THEY who murdered our people in beds.
Why do we make them successful in their evil thoughts?
Why don't we understand that all is yet not lost?

It is time now to make amends,
It is time now for Indo-Pak to be friends.
time now to forget our ghastly past,
time now to inculcate love in our hearts.
The desires of the common man must be fulfilled
All the hatred in our hearts needs to be killed.

To understand happiness it is imperative to know pain
just as without loss there is no gain.
Similarily for frienship we must know war,
knowing how to erase the worst of scars.
The first step towards friendship is to bury the past
so lets now take steps to make it last.

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