Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why does the Laughing Buddha laugh?

This is one of my favourite compositions by Mama:

He stands/sits on the beautiful stool facing the main doorway with both his arms flung up in the air, pot-belly hanging out, laughing uncontrollably.What could be the reason for such a glee?

IS IT PURE HAPPINESS? Perhaps he is happy to see another new day with the sun shining gloriously in the azure blue sky, birds chirping in the trees,kids hurrying to school, men and women rushing to their workplaces(with no terrorists plotting to blow their workplaces up!!).Maybe he is happy to see the abundance of God's grace all around-God carved thousands of varieties of flora and fauna when ten-fifteen would have sufficed, he made different seasons each with his own beauty. He put a million stars in the night sky to enthrall us instead of just a handful.

IS IT CYNICISM? Cynicism at watching mankind caught up in the mad race to possess material things for attaining the ultimate 'nirvana'? Perhaps he is sceptical of the youth getting entangled in the mesh of drugs, alcohol and discotheques in pursuit of true happiness and ending up with broken hearts, minds and bodies.

IS IT JUST A DEROGATORY LAUGH? Because now HE gets the credit for bringing joy in the house. ( never mind the hardwork put in by the master of the house!)

OR IS THE BUDDHA JUST IN A GOOD MOOD? Perhaps he is happy at the recollection of hilarious one-liners from Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone or comic scenes from the movie Lage Raho Munnabhai and its new brand of Gandhigiri.

To cut a long story short, me thinks that the Laughing Buddha firmly believes in the dictum "Smile is a curve that makes a lot of things straight" and practices it!


dilmainhainpyar said...

hey frnd

got to u frm some blog during m,y blogroll

i am glad that i read...i just have a smile after reading abt my fav laughing budha

good going frnd...keep blogging

How do we know said...

sahi! i agree too!

Mampi said...

well said
and yes, I loved the acute observation of yours.

Anonymous said...

Thank u every1:) but this was written by my mom...I love it,thats why I published it on my blog.I have mentioned this at the start of the article!

Mampi said...

How silly of me....
I read the line and then thought it is perhaps a code word, hahaha.
Please convey my regards to her and tell her that she is brilliant. Post some more stuff of hers.

leo said...

maybe am little late for your comment..but
I just thought that he's laughing realizing that life after all was a big joke!