Friday, November 28, 2008


Citizen- who? me?
a 'comman man' merely...
A dispensible commodity
reduced to shouting anguishly

India replies:
Anguish tears my heart too
the unfathomable helplessness crying 'what can I do'?
but hope is not lost yet
even in the gore of death...
We ARE resilient, we WILL come through!

It's all very well to say
that a new day
is not far behind,
But when will WE
understand our own kind?

When YOU talk to yourself face to face
When YOU don't get caught in the mad race
When YOU break your facade
and YOUR entire being is lighted up with solace.

Happiness THEN will not be far behind
and will benefit all mankind!!

Praying for all those who lost their lives in the Mumbai terror attacks and remembering with grateful hearts the martyers who laid down their lives to save the selfsame 'comman man' ...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For Mampi...

To thee Mampi for the most beautiful blog I have yet come across
I give this...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Understanding Alice

One of my first books as a child was the Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales that were gifted to me by Mama. I grew up with 'Cinderella', 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Thumbelina', 'The Emperor's new clothes', 'Goldilocks' as everyone else. 'Alice in wonderland' was surprisingly one of the last books I read as I entered into teens(before shifting to Enid Blytons). As is usually the case, for three to four years I was so immersed in Enid Blytons that I forgot about all other books existing on this planet- Famous Fives, Mystery Series,Secret Sevens (in short Enid Blytons) were my world at that point of time!

One day after about two years of continual Enid Blytons, (I was bound to get bored some day-even with Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy-lol) I was foraging Mama's cupboard for something (and turning everything upside down for which I remember I got the worst scolding of my life-lolz). Suddenly, I brushed against something that felt like a very old hardcover edition book. Taking it out, I saw Nanaji's stamp on the first page. My curiosity aroused, I turned the pages- it was Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking glass in a full hardcover bound edition (I don't remember the year). I was surprised because mama never kept any books in her cupboard-they were always kept in the library. Uptil then, I had not realized that Alice's adventures were enumerated in a full fledged book by the author and I had always believed that the small edition I had read was the entire story. Suddenly mama came in and when she saw me with her book, she went quiet for some time. Wondering at this silence, I approached her, held her hand and asked her about the book.

She was visibly far away- I got to know later that the book had a lot of sentimental value for her-Nanaji (who died about 22 years ago) had gifted it to her when she stood first in her class at school, '"This book" she said will always remain special for her. Then she explained me the essence of Carrol's masterpiece by speaking the same words that her father had spoken to her all those years back- " It is more enjoyable to read Alice in Wonderland in teens. The appreciation of the book comes better in that age".

I didnot get to read the book till I was 16 when mama(she considers 16 as a milestone in terms of ages) gave it as a gift to me on my birthday. It is still the best birthday gift of my life-to give away something you hold so precious even if to your daughter is not an easy task and I really appreciate her for it.

Well, I began reading the book and let me tell you I was bewitched from the word go! The simple narrative and Alice's activities ( inspite of being somewhat impossible) had'earthly'(there's no other word that I can think of) feel to it.I felt transported right into Alice's world- the innocence of Alice when she exclaims about the injustice of the queen of hearts, the comic situations with the cat and the caterpillar, the unusual tea party, Alice continually getting taller and shorter in height and the unexpected ending really left me spellbound AND all this was not yet over! When I reached the introductory page for THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS part, I remember I was really excited to know that the book was not yet over and I savoured this part with as much relish as the first one. For the first time in my life, I actually understood what a person who lived in a totally different time period was trying to convey when he told his child to read a book at a particular age. I can now be thankful that I was given the right books at the right age by mama and today, all those years later I can totally understand how important that is!

Here's to Alice- enthralling young people for generations to come!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A matter of perspective

Looked at the morning sky
so blue so vast
felt rejuvenated.
Heard the first chirp of the birds
so sweet so melodious
felt happy .
Experienced the first rays of the sun
so caressing so warm
felt nurtured.
Saw the clouds looming ahead
so dark so forbidding
felt apprehensive.
Heard the rain lashing against the glass
so hard so fast
felt lonely.
Watched the rainbow arch across the sky
so bright so illuminating
felt hopeful.

Same Day
Same Me
Same Nature


myriad emotions
many feelings
numerous thoughts!

It was Mampi's comment that gave me the idea to change the original title. Merci Mampi!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The child within...

Childrens Day (November 14) just passed by. Here is a poem that I couldnot post for the past few days... Hope you like it :)

Wish I could be a child again
to seek mama's lap with all my tears
Wish I could be a child again
to explain papa all my minisicule fears.
Wish I could be a child again
to expostulate on every single thing in front of mama
Wish I could be a child again
to get what I want with a little crying and drama!

Wish I could be young once more
to speak truthfully from the heart
Wish I could be young once more
to not know cunningness as an 'art'.
Wish I could be young once more
to dance around and be carefree
Wish I could be young once more
just 'to let everything be'!

Time once past
can never be made to last.
However some things last forever and I have heard people say
'a child resides in the human heart till it's dying day'
Don't let that child ever vanish away.....

An ode for the child....the child within you
H a P p Y C h I l D r E n 's DaY !

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mute Witnesses

Standing tall as mute witnesses to years of forgotton time
wishing to speak, but they cannot....
Inanimate God has made them
but they are alive-
alive and brimming with memories.......

They saw HER enter as a young bride
they gleaned the glow on her face when the first sparkling star made earth his home
they heard the once empty house filled with a brighter cacaphony of sounds
they watched HIM bring best surprises for the child home
they looked at the face of a mother again, the glow now tempered with advancing age
they listened as the children grew up,curiously asking 'what?' 'why?' 'where'?
they reverberated with shock when he left for his heavenly abode
they witnessed the house coated with a different sheen
'SHE' entered as a young bride
and the circle of life asked to be lived....yet again

Who are they-
they who play
such an important role in our life?
We as humans never seem to realize
the mute spectators witnessing us thrive
we are cocooned by them night and day
the only question-who are they?
They are simply-
the walls of our house!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two different personalities

I don't know how to begin this post....I am really really angry. Traffic sense in my city...there is just one word for it-'atrocious'!I am still a novice at driving the car, so papa accompanies me each time. Driving today, I almost got clobbered twice; what makes me indignant is that it was not my fault-people are blatantly jumping red lights without even glancing at the traffic policemen standing on the roads- I was shocked!! Look at their gall too, they had the audacity to stare at me as if it was my fault for moving when it was MY signal!

What makes this all the more worse is- these very people when they go on travels and tours abroad behave the way they are expected to behave and toe the line as far as the traffic rules are concerned. Why to go far-I have seen people behaving as responsible citizens when they glimpse the periphery of the State Capital! The question that pops into my mind here is why this sudden concern for rules when you go outside your city? Why these dual personalities with the best one reserved for outside the city & the other one not even caring two hoots for the welfare of the land where you were born and brought up?

It is high time that people understand the importance of the guidelines framed by the government for THEIR benefit. There is no use in blaming the government for each and every mishap and inefficiency. When will people themselves awaken from their slumber? When will it be realised that with freedom comes responsibility too?

Jaago, logon Jaago!
Issued in public interest by : Kiran(mithe)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kuch to hua hai!

Whats the matter with me these days? The blogging bug has bitten me so hard that the first thing I do on coming back from college is open my blog. I really love to read the new posts by other bloggers and if it was my way, I would keep on posting every hour and everyday but writing always depends on mood. Look at me, today I have nothing to write but am still posting because I am in the mood!

One of the things that I love about blogging is the anonmity it provides along with an outlet for all your feelings. You can chose to keep your identity a secret while spouting out all you feel in an extremely 'digital' manner(lol). Besides, the vast amount of talent that I have been exposed to in just these few days has blown my mind away-the earth is full of so many talented people-they just need an outlet and blogging is one sure shot means of the same!And you know- these days I watch everything minutely, I hear all things meaningfully and try to understand all the hitherthro inexplicable things in totality. This new awareness and consciousness of what goes on around me is the best gift that I received from anybody in my life and Mampi-my mentor, my guide, my friend deserves all the credit for giving me such a unique gift that I will always cherish. What makes it all the more strange is that she is my teacher but she has never taught me. I have known her for just a couple of months but she is one of those people who change your lives forever in a very very 'poignant' way by just one small act and for that she will always have my heartfelt gratitude :-)
So now you know my sudden yearning to hum

'Kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai
do-char din se, lagta hai aise
sab kuch alag hai, sab kuch naya hai
Kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai' !

Friday, November 07, 2008

Eating Toffee-the toughest question

I am in a big problem people..any help would be welcome. Here I am sitting and CHEWING, yes you read right-chewing toffee! I can't seem to stop chewing toffee whenever one pops in my mouth(whether by mistake or by choice, is another long story of course). Well, the dilemma being faced by me is whether it is better to chew the toffee at one go so that you have the 'gooey' taste in the mouth or should it be kept in the mouth so that it gradually fades away? Solutions to this question would be welcome!

As for me, I can't seem to stop eating it at one go to the horror of my younger brother who believes of course in savouring it's taste-since when have brothers and sisters ever agreed on such important life-affecting issues? You know, my grandmom knows this art really well(come to think of it...everybody's grandmom falls in the same category). I sometimes wonder how can a small chit of a toffee last for as long as an hour in somebody's mouth? Infact, I have tried to take several tips from her but no results as yet and I don't think there will be in times to come-for me to gain the patience and resilience of my grandmother at this age seems a herculean task!

Anyways, anyone wanting to post answers to my query is always welcome to do so in the comments section. Anxiously awaiting your reply.Please be quick-have to sample a delicious toffee-the wrapper looks so inviting!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Forty Years ago,THEY were given back seats...

Watching the news today, I was gladdened to note that Mr. Barack Obama has registered a convincing win in the American elections and will be taking the presidential Oath in January. It is a great achievement not only for millions of Blacks the world over but also for the thousands of minorities living in various countries.It is
of course a red-letter day for America and thousands of Afro-Americans surviving despite all odds in the society of the world's most powerful Nation.

Obama's victory becomes more important in the light of the fact that exactly forty years ago, no one would have imagined a person of this race and lineage winning the top most post of the world's most powerful entity.People of this race were discriminated against even in this so called 'secular' and 'forward' nation so much so that blacks were not allowed to sit on the front seats in the public transport system! (They always had to occupy the back seats in buses). Strange,isn't it -what heights human resilience can achieve with sustained efforts! Mr. Barack Obama's rise has provided a fresh lease of hope to millions of suffering multitudes all over the world-they can now stand up against every injustice meted out to them with the example of the world's most influential person standing tall infront of them. In this sense, it is not only a victory for the Afro-Americans but minorities the world over.

And let's face it-the man IS charismatic. His simple demeanour, the neighbour-next-door attitude and charming smile have captivated millions of people all over. However, woe-betide anybody just considering him an influential identity because he is not just a 'camera-personality'. He comes across as an experienced politician, a thorough democrat and an expert on American and World Politics in all the Presidential Debates he has participated or the numerous interviews he has given. I strongly feel that Obama is the best thing that has happened for America in several decades and his election to the highest 'post of the land' will go a long way in improving the general image of the country in other nations' eyes.

SO, here's wishing Mr. Obama ALL THE BEST for his upcoming job. May God grant him the courage and strength to engage in whatever is right for his nation in particular and the world in general because America as THE POWER of the world has the potential to affect the world situation irrevocably on many issues .
BEST OF LUCK for 'a good day in office' SIR!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Self-realization with 'blue'

This photograph was taken by me during a recent trip to Himachal Pradesh. Observing this wonderful scene, what came to my mind was:(let me tell you, the photograph doesn't even come close to what the actual scene looked like. It was heavenly, I assure you!)

A colour that defines me,
A colour that I love.
A colour that shall always remain my favourite
A colour that for me shall always signify a treasure trove!

Blue- as bright as the new morning,
the freshly laundered sky...
Blue- as in my first periwinkle gown
I wore at the ripe old age of 2 feeling demure and shy!
Blue- the sheen of which illuminates a rainbow
and it is enough to make you forget all your lows!
It's hard to even think of my life without this hue...
coz being a short tempered person, you can always find me black & BLUE!
Its a simple 'sing -songy' verse that came to my mind while I was jolting and bumping towards Rohtang on the third day of the trip. It was a difficult task to pen down my thoughts at that time, let me tell you! The road to Rohtang is one climb that can take a lot out of you (and I mean that, the view more than makes up for it...the best Geographical features and breathtaking scenery makes it quite hard to regret the assiduous climb uphill. This place shall always hold a very special place in my heart because with it are etched wonderful memories of self discovery-this poem is just a small portion out of the bigger slice.
Going along those zig-zag paths, it suddenly hit me that this colour has played an integral part in my life always and it took me such a long time to realize such a simple fact! This one photo opened up a new world of self-realization. is a perfect example of how ordinary things remind us of many EXTRAORDINARY aspects of life we have lead and we are not even aware of them. That is why my blog supports a new look...(or should I say a 'blue' look?-lol) All I can say is that I hope you all like it!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mother Teresa-the epitome of a perfect Woman

I was reading last month's Reader's Digest Joy when I came across an article titled 'Women we admire'. Mother Teresa was second on the list. I confess I was a little disappointed-she should have been first. The first was Princess Diana (not that SHE is not some one to admire but I still think Mother Teresa's contribution to the society was much more than any Princess who came into limelight just for being what she was. Mother's path was more obstacled and she never even became known before getting the Nobel Prize).

I was fortunate enough to come across this photo while surfing the net and was immediately captivated by the site of a young Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu( Mother's real name). Here is the photo and I want to share it with all of you.This photo has been taken at her Albanian parents home when she was just 13 years of age. Even at this age, the calmness and serenity of her pose charms the eye but still it is quite hard to believe that this is our very own Mother Teresa. Did she know at this stage what destiny had appropraited her to become? Did she realize her future among the downtrodden and suffering multitudes? Did she even have an inkling of what she was about to become for the world-a motherly figure recognised everywhere? Maybe not-but all this did come to pass and she rose to become a hope for millions of destitutes all around the world. It is not easy to sacrifice away your very being, your nation and your life for a totally selfless cause.Yet, that is exactly what this great woman did and this left an indelible imprint of her existence on this planet. I salute you Mother for what you did- it required more than just' a little bit of luck' to accomplish what you did in your lifetime.

This is the true essence of being a woman- spreading the fragrance of your presence everywhere you go and showing just a little bit of care without discrimination where ever it is needed. As for Mother, she resides even today in the heart of every Indian whether or not they were directly touched by her- because she gave her soul to this nation. Her efforts bear testimony to the fact that even in today's so called 'materialistic world', there are people who selflessly work towards betterment of all without giving a thought to their own trials and turbulations. I hope that all women take a cue out of the life that SHE lead and work at least for some part of their existence to 'gladden a frosty heart'! All the best in your venture!!!