Friday, November 07, 2008

Eating Toffee-the toughest question

I am in a big problem people..any help would be welcome. Here I am sitting and CHEWING, yes you read right-chewing toffee! I can't seem to stop chewing toffee whenever one pops in my mouth(whether by mistake or by choice, is another long story of course). Well, the dilemma being faced by me is whether it is better to chew the toffee at one go so that you have the 'gooey' taste in the mouth or should it be kept in the mouth so that it gradually fades away? Solutions to this question would be welcome!

As for me, I can't seem to stop eating it at one go to the horror of my younger brother who believes of course in savouring it's taste-since when have brothers and sisters ever agreed on such important life-affecting issues? You know, my grandmom knows this art really well(come to think of it...everybody's grandmom falls in the same category). I sometimes wonder how can a small chit of a toffee last for as long as an hour in somebody's mouth? Infact, I have tried to take several tips from her but no results as yet and I don't think there will be in times to come-for me to gain the patience and resilience of my grandmother at this age seems a herculean task!

Anyways, anyone wanting to post answers to my query is always welcome to do so in the comments section. Anxiously awaiting your reply.Please be quick-have to sample a delicious toffee-the wrapper looks so inviting!!!!!!!!!!


Sandhya said...

sorry honey, can't help you here coz I chew it the moment it gets in my mouth!

Anonymous said...

lol!:) thanks 4 visiting..keep visiting like this!

Anonymous said...

i reflect sandhya's thoughts!! :D

Anonymous said...

how does it matter??

U pop it in..u eat it whichever way you like :D


Mampi said...

Darling, Even I chew it the moment I get it. I have spent about 20 years of my life in this same dilemma, so I cannot really comment. However, I would just say that have fun while it lasts, whether you chew it away or savour it slowly.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I am not the only one with the
Thank you Vinay.
Chandani-seriously did you face the same problem ever?(lol)
Mampi-Thanks as always & also for correcting me on the wrong word..(I couldnot get the spelling right, though I knew they were wrong) :-)

kultaaran said...

very nice & hilarious

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)