Friday, November 21, 2008

A matter of perspective

Looked at the morning sky
so blue so vast
felt rejuvenated.
Heard the first chirp of the birds
so sweet so melodious
felt happy .
Experienced the first rays of the sun
so caressing so warm
felt nurtured.
Saw the clouds looming ahead
so dark so forbidding
felt apprehensive.
Heard the rain lashing against the glass
so hard so fast
felt lonely.
Watched the rainbow arch across the sky
so bright so illuminating
felt hopeful.

Same Day
Same Me
Same Nature


myriad emotions
many feelings
numerous thoughts!

It was Mampi's comment that gave me the idea to change the original title. Merci Mampi!


Rajindarjit said...

Good expression of feelings.

Keep it up!


Mampi said...

That is what perspective is.
Good job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rajindarjit Ma'am for your encouraging words.

Mampi-I am changing the title of the poem to 'A matter of perspective'. What say? Thanks for the idea :)

ANWESA said...

lovely words!!esp last 2 lines..

Sandhya said...

Lovely! You should write more often.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anwesa-You made my day!Do keep visiting

Sandhya-I would love to write more often....will take your suggestion seriously!

Just call me 'A' said...

simply thoughts well put together. when i look at the morning sky and see the clear blue sky, i feel so satisfying. it's so fresh and radiant and makes me feel new each time.

Anonymous said...

Well, you hit the nail bang on target! They really are simple thoughts that I actually felt one day in the Monsoons. I thought then why not write it down? So, this was what I wrote-thanks for commenting 'A'. (& a nice translation of what I meant)

RiverSoul said...

Beautiful poem, Mithe.
Loved this one as well as the one below.
How come i never came here before?
No matter. I've followed ur Blog now.... Will add you to my Blogroll too l8r.
Hope to see you at my Blog too sometime....
Silent Recollections.

Anonymous said...

Thats realy overwhelming River Soul. Thank You for following and thanks for your comments. :) Will visit your blog right away...

RiverSoul said...

Thankyou for replying to my tag...
I don't know if you have chosen to be notified of follow-up comments in my Blog.... So i'm pasting the same reply to ur comment here too.
Its advisable to select that option to be notified by email so that you would know when the author replies to ur comment in his or her Blog.
Here is what I replied.

Considering you are new here, mithe,
Firstly I welcome you.
Secondly, i assure you, you replied really well.
You have interpreted my work very well. But one part here is a bit off...
I am mostly an agnostic type of person. I dont believe in the word "religion". Religion is an evil made by man to induce a feeling of self-righteousness within his doubtful mind.
But I do believe that there does exist a singularity.... a divine power that transcends all faith, all religion, and whose divinity is immense and unfathomable.
To me. God is the name of that divine force.
Hope you understand that i'm only explaining my stance and not preaching my postulates to everyone.
Its just what I believe.
And I love my God.
Also, if ever i become an artist, it'll be only with words... :):)
I'm no painter.
Though if you are searching for that kind of art, look for "Art and Poetry"'s Blog. Its in my Blogroll.

Coming to tags,
In Bloggerdom, tags are an amazing and simple way for ur readers to get to know the person behind the Blog.
Usually its a set of questions that you post in ur Blog, with your own answers. At the end of d tag, you nominate some other people (if you want.) to take up this tag, and answer the questions.
This way, the again goes on.
Now, i tag you with this one.

Just copy the questions into ur Blog as a post, and see what replies you get from ur friends. But i'd suggest you take up some other tag for now, untill ur readership has increased considerably.
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RiverSoul said...

Say.... I've got a simple tag for you. It would be nice if you take it up this time instead of "string of questions tag."
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(Of course i'm a friend!)
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Priyanka Agrawalla said...

Nice one Mithe... beautifully written :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton Priyanka and Welcome to my blog!It's a window to me infact :))) So, welcome new friend!!

Shal said...

So true
nature can play such a big role in our feelings
nice one :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shal.welcome to my blog! Do keep visiting