Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Forty Years ago,THEY were given back seats...

Watching the news today, I was gladdened to note that Mr. Barack Obama has registered a convincing win in the American elections and will be taking the presidential Oath in January. It is a great achievement not only for millions of Blacks the world over but also for the thousands of minorities living in various countries.It is
of course a red-letter day for America and thousands of Afro-Americans surviving despite all odds in the society of the world's most powerful Nation.

Obama's victory becomes more important in the light of the fact that exactly forty years ago, no one would have imagined a person of this race and lineage winning the top most post of the world's most powerful entity.People of this race were discriminated against even in this so called 'secular' and 'forward' nation so much so that blacks were not allowed to sit on the front seats in the public transport system! (They always had to occupy the back seats in buses). Strange,isn't it -what heights human resilience can achieve with sustained efforts! Mr. Barack Obama's rise has provided a fresh lease of hope to millions of suffering multitudes all over the world-they can now stand up against every injustice meted out to them with the example of the world's most influential person standing tall infront of them. In this sense, it is not only a victory for the Afro-Americans but minorities the world over.

And let's face it-the man IS charismatic. His simple demeanour, the neighbour-next-door attitude and charming smile have captivated millions of people all over. However, woe-betide anybody just considering him an influential identity because he is not just a 'camera-personality'. He comes across as an experienced politician, a thorough democrat and an expert on American and World Politics in all the Presidential Debates he has participated or the numerous interviews he has given. I strongly feel that Obama is the best thing that has happened for America in several decades and his election to the highest 'post of the land' will go a long way in improving the general image of the country in other nations' eyes.

SO, here's wishing Mr. Obama ALL THE BEST for his upcoming job. May God grant him the courage and strength to engage in whatever is right for his nation in particular and the world in general because America as THE POWER of the world has the potential to affect the world situation irrevocably on many issues .
BEST OF LUCK for 'a good day in office' SIR!


Mampi said...

Very well timed and well done post Kiran,

Anonymous said...

Thanku as always ma'am!:)