Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kuch to hua hai!

Whats the matter with me these days? The blogging bug has bitten me so hard that the first thing I do on coming back from college is open my blog. I really love to read the new posts by other bloggers and if it was my way, I would keep on posting every hour and everyday but writing always depends on mood. Look at me, today I have nothing to write but am still posting because I am in the mood!

One of the things that I love about blogging is the anonmity it provides along with an outlet for all your feelings. You can chose to keep your identity a secret while spouting out all you feel in an extremely 'digital' manner(lol). Besides, the vast amount of talent that I have been exposed to in just these few days has blown my mind away-the earth is full of so many talented people-they just need an outlet and blogging is one sure shot means of the same!And you know- these days I watch everything minutely, I hear all things meaningfully and try to understand all the hitherthro inexplicable things in totality. This new awareness and consciousness of what goes on around me is the best gift that I received from anybody in my life and Mampi-my mentor, my guide, my friend deserves all the credit for giving me such a unique gift that I will always cherish. What makes it all the more strange is that she is my teacher but she has never taught me. I have known her for just a couple of months but she is one of those people who change your lives forever in a very very 'poignant' way by just one small act and for that she will always have my heartfelt gratitude :-)
So now you know my sudden yearning to hum

'Kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai
do-char din se, lagta hai aise
sab kuch alag hai, sab kuch naya hai
Kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai' !


How do we know said...

hey.. why is my comment not here? i commented yday!!

Mampi said...

Oye, I feature in this post and I am reading this today? On tuesday? Hadd hai ji hadd hai..
But On a serious note, you have it in you. I was only a medium to introduce you to this amazing platform to write and to know people like you-who can express well.
Keep it up. I am sure, in a year or two, you will come up with a book of your own. I wait to see that day.

Mampi said...

And btw, this is called Compulsive blogging. Tenu bimari ho gayee hai.
Welcome to the sick world, hehehe. I love this sickness.

Anonymous said...

How do we know-please give your comment again..I was wondering what happened..suddenly no comment for 2 whole days...(lol) & I didn't receive any of your comments!!
Mampi..thats too much to hope for but I promise will really try writing a book soon:)
& You are absolutely right...mainu bimari HO gayi