Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mute Witnesses

Standing tall as mute witnesses to years of forgotton time
wishing to speak, but they cannot....
Inanimate God has made them
but they are alive-
alive and brimming with memories.......

They saw HER enter as a young bride
they gleaned the glow on her face when the first sparkling star made earth his home
they heard the once empty house filled with a brighter cacaphony of sounds
they watched HIM bring best surprises for the child home
they looked at the face of a mother again, the glow now tempered with advancing age
they listened as the children grew up,curiously asking 'what?' 'why?' 'where'?
they reverberated with shock when he left for his heavenly abode
they witnessed the house coated with a different sheen
'SHE' entered as a young bride
and the circle of life asked to be lived....yet again

Who are they-
they who play
such an important role in our life?
We as humans never seem to realize
the mute spectators witnessing us thrive
we are cocooned by them night and day
the only question-who are they?
They are simply-
the walls of our house!


Sandhya said...

Beautiful! Your writing is so fluid.

Anonymous said...

Thank u Sandhya:-)

Mampi said...


Anonymous said...

Shukriya Mampi:-)

Shal said...

A deep one
nice :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shal:)