Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Self-realization with 'blue'

This photograph was taken by me during a recent trip to Himachal Pradesh. Observing this wonderful scene, what came to my mind was:(let me tell you, the photograph doesn't even come close to what the actual scene looked like. It was heavenly, I assure you!)

A colour that defines me,
A colour that I love.
A colour that shall always remain my favourite
A colour that for me shall always signify a treasure trove!

Blue- as bright as the new morning,
the freshly laundered sky...
Blue- as in my first periwinkle gown
I wore at the ripe old age of 2 feeling demure and shy!
Blue- the sheen of which illuminates a rainbow
and it is enough to make you forget all your lows!
It's hard to even think of my life without this hue...
coz being a short tempered person, you can always find me black & BLUE!
Its a simple 'sing -songy' verse that came to my mind while I was jolting and bumping towards Rohtang on the third day of the trip. It was a difficult task to pen down my thoughts at that time, let me tell you! The road to Rohtang is one climb that can take a lot out of you (and I mean that literally..lol).However, the view more than makes up for it...the best Geographical features and breathtaking scenery makes it quite hard to regret the assiduous climb uphill. This place shall always hold a very special place in my heart because with it are etched wonderful memories of self discovery-this poem is just a small portion out of the bigger slice.
Going along those zig-zag paths, it suddenly hit me that this colour has played an integral part in my life always and it took me such a long time to realize such a simple fact! This one photo opened up a new world of self-realization. ...it is a perfect example of how ordinary things remind us of many EXTRAORDINARY aspects of life we have lead and we are not even aware of them. That is why my blog supports a new look...(or should I say a 'blue' look?-lol) All I can say is that I hope you all like it!


How do we know said...

:-) i can imagine the heavenly scene!

Mampi said...

Very sweet.
What is it with blue,
My daughter sticks to it like glue?
She who loved purple and pink
says these two now stink?

Anonymous said...

Great Ma'am(lol)..& thank u how do we know