Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two different personalities

I don't know how to begin this post....I am really really angry. Traffic sense in my city...there is just one word for it-'atrocious'!I am still a novice at driving the car, so papa accompanies me each time. Driving today, I almost got clobbered twice; what makes me indignant is that it was not my fault-people are blatantly jumping red lights without even glancing at the traffic policemen standing on the roads- I was shocked!! Look at their gall too, they had the audacity to stare at me as if it was my fault for moving when it was MY signal!

What makes this all the more worse is- these very people when they go on travels and tours abroad behave the way they are expected to behave and toe the line as far as the traffic rules are concerned. Why to go far-I have seen people behaving as responsible citizens when they glimpse the periphery of the State Capital! The question that pops into my mind here is why this sudden concern for rules when you go outside your city? Why these dual personalities with the best one reserved for outside the city & the other one not even caring two hoots for the welfare of the land where you were born and brought up?

It is high time that people understand the importance of the guidelines framed by the government for THEIR benefit. There is no use in blaming the government for each and every mishap and inefficiency. When will people themselves awaken from their slumber? When will it be realised that with freedom comes responsibility too?

Jaago, logon Jaago!
Issued in public interest by : Kiran(mithe)


Rajindarjit said...

The fault lies not in the rules of our country, but lies some where in the Implimentations.
Thats why people dont bother here and obey there in other countries, because they have fear of TICKETS, FINES,ENTRY on THEIR DRIVING LICENCE etc., which further leads to the cancellation of licence even.
We are part of these type of responsibilies.
Your message -Lage raho- is nice for awareness.
Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Rajinderjit Ma'am- thank u very much for always encouraging me to go on...Mampi is truely your daughter-a great great motivator!

Mampi said...

I never fail to laugh whenever our driver clicks on his seat belt the moment he crosses Mohali and enters Chandigarh.
Nice post.

Sandhya said...

I hear ya! When people jump red lights, does anyone catch them? I guess there lies the problem!

Anonymous said...

Exactly Sandhya!
& Mampi-it's funny you mentioned it, but our driver does the same thing too!(lolz)

Just call me 'A' said...

oh my god..tell me all about it..i am paranoid on Indian got so bad that after a while..i stopped driving..i could not take it anymore...i started having high blood pressure and anxiety attacks. i blogged about it too....stressful
btw..nice blog...first time here :)

Anonymous said...

'A'-thanks for your comment:) do keep visiting-and you are right, we do feel anxious while driving on Indian roads.

Sheena said...

Very Good..Nice one..i agree wid u completely ..i honestlee feel sad when i am in India.. i think the government shud b more strict on the rules especially, when it comes to driving..which definitly..can save many peoples lyfe..anywayz dis is India ka haal (wish it could change) but aisa tha..aur aisa hi rahega..

Anonymous said...

Sheenu, I don't agree with you here-aisa haal hamesha se nahin tha but yes you are right that this kind of thing is a common sight these days on Indian roads.I believe that with a little effort both on our and government's part we can eradicate this thing.Thats what I said, Chandigarh mein traffic sense itni sahi hai-rules are being implemented there also then why not everywhere else? To say 'aisa hi rahega' is not right, I really hope and pray aisa jaldi khatam ho!!

Princess said...

yeah i no wht u mean dovey..dats why i rote..(wish cud change)..but practically talking..Onli in Dreams LOL..neva mynd keep up the good work..!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You princess...:)

Pangala Nagendra Rao said...

India is shining!! Every family in this nation is having a vehicle either 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. This is what some of the words from leaders to common man regarding Indian's earning growth. Also many talk about good roads developed highways constructions etc. But what is use of all these without the drivers in the vehicle on the road is not having simple traffic sense?!! Everybody wants to go to office as fast as possible without caring about others. As the blog says, in growing cities where the number vehicles are growing and roads are getting broadened people are still riding their vehicles as if bull cart in villages!!
But things will have to change some or other day. But it is people's call to take responsibility of following the rules as it is meant for the safe and smooth driving of them only. Of course the administration should take necessary steps to make the traffic rules followed. Along with that they should also create awareness about why the traffic rules are to be followed. Ofcourse this not only the responsibility of govt. administration any one of us can do our part instead of mere criticising.
Yaha aisa hi nahi chalnewaala hai!! And it is clear from the views of the young blogger here itself. So we have to be the change that is required in the society and every should be made this to understand in their life.