Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Christmas Spirit....

Love, Peace, Joy are tightly intertwined together in this very very special post for all my blogger friends...Hey hey hey....I know I am at fault!!! My disappearing act from this parallel (but oh so beautiful-*sigh*) world for the past few days is unpardonable and should not go unpunished…. However, I am sure my blogger friends would find it in their hearts to forgive me for this offence-I AM SORRY FRIENDS!

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I have a little something prepared (if it was in my hands, I would bake the best Christmas Cake for all of you and force feed it to you all-lol). But since it can't be done (another *sigh*), I have crafted with all my love, sprinkled loads of peace and added lots of prayers for all the joys in the world in this small token of appreciation for you….

I was honoured to receive so many awards for my blog some days back and they were weighing me down with the amount of support they expressed for me (thank you so much everyone).Many of my friends have already been bestowed with these awards and this was reason enough for me to spring into action with full force! The fruit of my labour lies above... I trust you will spread the cheer onward (you can reward as many people as you wish as long as they are not less than six). As for me, I would like to present this award to:
Mampi- for holding my hands in my baby steps on this world and guiding me just as a mother would (her blog is a literal heaven on earth, let me tell you)
‘A’- her comments truly ‘colour my blog with sunshine’ and her own blog is a wide window to her myriad but dewy thoughts
Yamini- for her patriotism and churning out creation after creation in praise of mine and her beloved motherland
Phoenix-the budding journalist who I know will go places, this lass is one person whose writings would make a wonderful autobiography
Leo-for his sheer genius and actually writing from the heart
Farah-for being truthful to the point of actually writing out her own wrongs
Army guy-for bringing us live action from the field and making us understand the glory of the Army life
River Soul-for soulful writings with a definite divine connection
Sandhya-for writing about her everyday life in a really really sweet manner(her blog is too sweet)
Smriti-for writing lovely everyday experiences in a simple yet subtle manner
Anwesa-for giving lovely lessons on life through simple compositions that touch the heart
Preethi-her compositions take me to a literary level of an outstanding calibre-its really magic!
Harshita-my new found friend, she has a class of her own
Trailblazer-his honest take on most of the issues around the world has left me flabbergastered!
Angel aka Fiducia-her poems touch the chords of my heart truely-she writes on everything and magnificiently at that!
Thank you everyone for patiently going through my post. I would also like to wish all of you a Very Very Happy New Year...may this year bring loads of surprises(good ones of course-hehe)for all of you.
PS: Thank you Harshita (no link to her blog) and Born Vagabond for following me:)
Addition: Trailblazer, Phoenix,Ryn,Sandhya and Preethi have followed me too-thank you guys, you made my day :)
Another addition: 'A' gave this award back to me.Thank you friend-its an honour:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A matter of perspective-III

The first rays of the sun
kiss the soil
engulfing it in their warm embrace

Yesterday has given way
to a new today....

The sky becomes
a riot of colours
the darkness slowly turning
to a purplish dawn

Yesterday is about to give way
to a new today...

Stars illuminate the sky
their sheen mirrored
on a mere dot of oasis
amidst the vast sandy expanse

Yesterday anticipates giving way
to a new today....

Hues of the sky
reflect the breathing city
the lights from homes
creating patterns on nature's canvas

Yesterday still has to go on
before giving way to a new today...

Various regions
different lifestyles
many time zones
One world
One motion
the wheels of life
churn on and on....

This is my last in a trilogy of posts about 'Perspective'.Hope you liked all of them:)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The first glitter

Giving this award to Mampi, I never imagined that I myself would become a recipient one day! Thank you 'A' for bestowing the award on me :) Her award is the first glitter enlightening my blog and shall always remain etched here for times to come....
The rule states that I spread the sunshine further by nominating some more bloggers for the award. Here are my nominees:
  1. Fiducia for the striking poetry(no other word for it)
  2. Aurora for penning down lines straight from the heart
  3. Sky for the most beautiful and visual compositions about nature
  4. Ki- Jaana for the stark reality in the words
  5. Pinku for covering numerous aspects of life through her enchanted world
  6. New Pinch for the sheer innocence of her blog.

I would also like to mention Leo, Dil,Phoenix and River Soul here but I think they have already been awarded the same. However, I hope they accept this again from me :)

PS:I wont be a frequent visitor on the blogworld for a few days as I am bogged down by exams.However, I will definitely find time to look through some of the gems penned (um..typed) down by my friends..Bye all and take care!

Friday, December 05, 2008

A matter of perspective-II

Blue water
Green phytoplankton
Orange fish
Brown sand
Grey rocks
Yellow sunlight
the ocean in its entirety-
how heavenly!

Big mountain,
small hill
vast plain,
medium plateau
the land in its entirety-
what variety!

Gaseous components
water droplets
pollen grains
dust particles
the air in its entirety-
much capacity!

Many cultures
myriad traditions
various religions
different appearance
the human race in its entirety-
how heavenly
what variety
much capacity!

This is my 25th post. Thank you to all my blogger friends who have been there always, commenting on my compositions and encouraging me. It's been a fantastic journey so are an invaluable part of my life now & my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for helping me understand-ME! Merci everyone :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Signal from God?

The event :Reading about this very rare astronomical event in THE TRIBUNE brought a smile on my face. A warm glow began spreading through my entire being as I learned further that India was the only country of the world to have witnessed this beautiful site in its full glow yesterday night. A curious sense of protection; of being watched over; of giant hands encircling and shielding us stole around me-as if God was indicating his towering presence over all of us....

What is it I am so excited about? : This is a very rare event, next expected to occur after 2050(when we will all be very ,very old and the only record of this event would be my blog, which you will all be showing to your grandchildren-lolzz) . The two "eyes " that you are seeing in the picture are actually the planets Venus and Jupiter. The eyes and the moon carefully observed seem to be forming a smiley face in the heavens...Isn't it a spectacular view? (for full information please visit the link above)

Hope for us? After last week's horrific massacre in Mumbai, it was the first time I felt really and truely calm. Was it God signalling to us-'Have faith Indians, I am here'? or Was it just another of nature's miracles which happened to have occured at this time?
I leave it for you to decide...