Saturday, January 03, 2009

I am not a puppet

Scrubbing the marble floors till their sheen mirrors you
cleaning the windows to make them gleam with sunshine
cooking in haste so that you are 'on time'
ironing the clothes better than any foreign laundary
I gave it my all
but did anybody understand me?
I am a servant-a person like you
I am not a puppet....

Growing up, I was forced to listen to my family
studying hard, I was given reassurances of accepting my chosen path
then I was married off citing a good match
thereafter forced to bear the rules and traditions of a new house
my talent was supressed
Still, I gave it my best shot
I am a girl, a woman-a person just like you
I am not a puppet....

Working round the clock for sustainance
neglecting my family in the rush to earn more
balancing thousands of bills everyday
getting killed because of laxity on your part
I gave it all I had
I am a common man-a person just like you
I am not a puppet....

Why is the new year not seeming new?
What is my fault,something I failed to do?
Why am I not ushering the new dawn decked in my best?
When will I be given rest?
Why should I suffer, why the reason for this shout?
Why even this little strain of doubt?


yamini meduri said...

let me get out of this cage
let my wings spread to fly
to the Land Of Dreams
to enjoy all those special times

i felt these lines after reading your work...hope you like it...!!!!

nice work Friend....Keep the Good Work Going...!!!

Phoenix said...

i want to run
with the wind in my hair
the sun on my face
throwing caution to the air
dont just bind me and hold me back

beautiful and powerful words there

Manish Raj said...

Kiran it's first time I have read your blog and I liked this blog very very much..

You have the feel that's most important..keep posting..

Happy New Year.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

girl u made me think.

yes a new year it is but the routine is d same. feelings and emotions have got no takers no admirers as if we are puppets.

a beautiful, thoughtful and a meaningful poem. i so wish we were not treated like puppets.

loved the poem dear mithe. :)

Sandhya said...

I am so in tune with what you wrote! I am really not having a good year just yet!!Your lines brought tears, really, maybe I am already too sad. Thank you so much for your words.

SMRITI said...

When I started out reading it...I felt like It was Me telling it out (sometimes I feel the angst against my folks...but thats an inside story :P). When I finished reading it, the larger picture just hit me.

MANY of my Marwadi girl pals were married in the last two years (one has a kid...others on their way)..And I always mourn the loss of talent and individuality of those wonderful girls...They were such amazing girls, who, if given a chance at expressing themselves, would've been huge successes in their fields. But for their families, they were married off as soon as they graduated and now are the "Keepers and Guardians of the household".

It was a thoughtful post on your part..reality couldn't have been put any better. Hugs Mithe!!

Arv said...

Sometimes, it feels that we have a cruel society to live in... It hurts to see little kids serving in households... cruel...

take care... cheers...

Anonymous said...

@Yamini- beautiful lines to complement my poem:)Thanks dear!

@Phoenix-lovely buddy!try making it a full fledged poem on the femme fatale blog...

@Manish-thanks. I hope you keep visiting and thanks for following.Will defnitely visit your blog sometime

@Preeti-thanks!everyone was ushering in the new year with celebrations, I thought why not present the other side of the picture? glad you liked purpose was to make everyone think

@Sandhya-what happened? would you like to chat? You can do so at my email address. Will send it to you once you send yours.Please don't feel down in dumps-everything will be alright :)

@Smriti-*hugs*! you understood the essence of my composition.My purpose is solved-:)Thanks for following

@Arv-Oh yes, it's cruel. However, here I was refering to servants in general-you gave a whole new dimension to my composition! Thanks Arv...

yamini meduri said...

you are awarded..!!!

accept your award....!!!

Rajesh said...


U made me be honest..

Every stanza had something in it...

Keep it going..

Writing for Crows said...

I enjoyed reading the first three stanza. The last one, you branch away and go back to rhyming that felt a tad bit odd. But I liked the imagery used in this work.

Harshita said...

Wow! I loved these lines.

First Yamini and now you... We are getting whole lot of great writers here...

Anonymous said...

@Yamini-Thanks-I have added it to my blog list...:)

@Rajesh-thank you very much.Welcome to my blog.Do keep visiting

@Crow- You know crow, you may be right-it felt odd even to me, but thats how I thought it out and out it had to come! Thanks for your honest appraisal but I think the rhyming lines provide a fitting end.Otherwise leaving it at the third VERSE(its not stanza in a poem)wouldn't have constituted an ending...Don't you think so?

@Harshita-thanks a ton.I feel really great to be appreciated for my work and am glad I found a new and talented friend like you to do so-your comments make my day!:)

sawan said...

i wish tearin off these strings were easy!

some times these strings make us a "social being" and some times we end up in a mental asylum! some times these strings make our life easy and many a times we make our own life complicated tryin to escape from these strings or bonds.

indeed we are all puppets, unless we decide otherwise. flowing against the wind has its own disadvantages but its worth taking a try!

good write up Mithe. luvd being here. u take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Sawan-your encouragement is appreciated:)

Mampi said...

very poignant and well composed.
Was fun to be with you today.

Pinku said...

hey the young like you must never be are the future and the ones we hope shall bring better things and glad times to this country...dont burden yourself with the yoke of misery...break free and look at the new horizon and ensure you reach it...