Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Glass Doors(1984)

Flimsy on it's hinges
chinks appeared on the glass
a discernable webbed pattern destructed the transluecence
and the strong foundation cracked under the force
the force of hatred
the force of caste
the force of religion
the force of creed.

There was a time
when a pure drop of sunlight bound it together
passing through the very heart of glass
and illuminating the floor with it's blinding sheen
the sheen of love
the sheen of brotherhood
the sheen of happiness
the sheen of coexistence.


A stone pelted by a child
broke the glass doors
pieces scattering on either sides
some big some small
pieces of heart
pieces of body
pieces of soul
pieces of mind

The glass doors
hitherto protected by intertwined hands
lay shattered
as the hands
left each other

The soul
the heart
the mind
the body
now wander lost and wailing
amidst the carnage.....

This poem depicts the anguish and the fear in the aftermath of the 1984 riots in India.(For those of you who are unfamiliar with the 1984 riots, you can read about it here).


Arv said...

beautifully captured :)

have a nice weekend da...

Pangala Nagendra Rao said...

Isn't it sad and heart breaking? Human beings hated and treated so cruelly ,brutally by Human beings itself..that too of same nation. More sad is that after such long time we human beings are still not learnt to live in harmony. And we Indians proud of being oldest civilisation existing now on earth. Is it the way it has been existing?

R.K. said...

Very nicely written !

"pieces scattered on both sides, some big some small" so much true !!

Anonymous said...

awesome kiran! :)

brilliant! well composed!

Harshita said...

I gotta watch this movie now...

Ur words invoked something in me.. I knw I need to watch it..

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

this time i have no words kiran. let my silence speak this time.

The Rat... said...


cud feel the words..

Anonymous said...

@ Arv-thank you buddy:)

@Pangala- Well, there have been several incidences-this is just one of the many Pangala. Thank you for your comment..

@RK-thank you friend!


@Harshita-Do it for sure Harshita. Howeverlet me warn you- all actors except Kamini Kaushal and Mukul Dev are novices and you may initially find it funny too-lolzz

@Preeti-You are back! Thanks for such wholesome were the exams?

@Rat-thank you buddy:)

Pinku said...


thanks for your comment and offer on my blog...made my day...

take my number from mampi and call me when u reach delhi..will love to meet...and the CD will love to have if you could please do the copying etc.

Ashutosh Didwania said...

Truly touching..loved the way the words have been connected...

P.S.: I'd read this post on the very same day you'd put it up. cudnt comment back then as had to rush..

Anonymous said...

@ Pinku-Just found out, I will be there only a day. Will talk to you as soon as I reach Delhi.I will be going on 12th march vaise.

@ Ashutosh-thank you very much. And it's totally ok :)

Chriz said...

lovely.. good that you told that you have written a poem.. well scripted...

the last four lines of every stanza made it sound like musical notes in rythmic motion..

and the movie... check out hotel rwanda.. similar plot and a nice one too

Anonymous said...

@ Chriz-I have already seen it(on Star movies) are right.It is as sensitive.

sawan said...

woww. the poem is beautiful.. and thnx a lot to make me search for the incident.. i also read about operation bluestar..

Sandhya said...

beautifully expressed, you have a way with words.

WarmSunshine said...

Such a cute blog here Mithe :)
I will come back for a thorough read dear :)

Keep up the good work!

Chriz said...

i read abt the 84 riots now.. good info

Anonymous said...

@Sawan & Chriz-my purpose is solved. I wanted to spread knowledge about these atrocities-many people particularly down south are not aware of it..thank you for reading the link.

@Sandhya-thanks for the beautiful words...they made my day

@Warm Sunshine-welcome aboard! I will definitely visit your blog soon too:)

Femin Susan said...

Beautifully poignant, and beautifully expressed poem.

Cяystal said...

The expressions are so well captured ! I specially loved THEN. Its brilliant when people speak so much with few words. =)

And m sowwie for missing on old posts..exams ! But they're finally over! i will catch on them soon!

Anonymous said...

@Femin-thank you. Your words spur me to go on...

@Crystal-Thanks buddy. Its really ok aayu... Now its my turn for exams!(lolzz)But will be commenting on the posts atleast!Will catch up on all yours unread ones too:)

zirelda said...

A very powerful poem.

And very good.

Merging Point said...

excellent expressions!

we may meet again at

Anonymous said...

Zirelda-Thank You. Glad to see you back on my blog:)

Merging Point-Thanks for those encouraging words. I have already commented at merging point:)

Mampi said...

Very poignant, delicate images Kiran. But i disagree on the child part.
the most unfortunate part was that it was not a stone pelted by a child that undid the effect. It was a planned hate-wave waiting to be unleashed.
Absolutely stunning poem.
Keep it up.
Now am going to older posts.

Anonymous said...

The stone pelted by a child refers to the bullet of the gun by Indira Gandhi's bodyguard actually..

SHWETHA said...

Wow! good one..... R u a mystic poet?

Anonymous said...

lovely mithe.. and what flow!! too good..

Sandhya said...

hey, where are you?

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

kiran whr r u? its been such a long time. xom bk soon. miss you.

n yes take care dear :)

tinkerbell said...

wow!! awesome.. to write on something as painful, and that too so well - its a feat !!

ARUNA said...

nice capture!!

Anonymous said...

Shwetha-thanks a ton! I will visit your blog soon and no I am not really a mystic poet. I write all forms of poetry:)(You can see my other poems too under the label poetic expressions)

Pink Orchid-glad to see you on my blog:)Thank you for those encouraging words

Tinkerbell-You are back! Howz you and thank you for your comment..:)

Aruna-thank God, I didnot capture it. But some of my relative slost their near and dera ones in these riots. Thank you for your comment. will visit your blog soon:)