Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chicken feed

Feeding us
just as a butcher
fattens a hen, a goat
before killing it
in one stroke....
Tall promises!
Chicken feed!

Uninterrupted electricity
recarpeted roads
fixed traffic lights
solved 'fast track' cases
they need us....
they require our approval....

It's our blood
stamped across
yet another assent for them
to fill their coffers another five years.

Why should we vote?
For whom should we vote?
Is this the campaign?
Jaago Re! Jaago Re!

Let me state here that I am not against voting. This poem is just a small attempt to highlight the dilemma that we as citizens face each time there are elections.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Cute blogger that I am..

Thanks Preeti for this wonderful award! It made me feel so special....
The rule states-I have to mention 7 cute things about myself to claim the award.So, here goes...
1. Preeti said so (Thank You very much gal!)
2.I have this annoying habit of going away from the blog world for a long time and then cutely materialising back (lolzz-sorry everyone)
3. I have cute friends like Preeti, Usha,Yamini, 'A', Phoenix, Rat,Leo, Chriz, Ashutosh, Pinku, Anil,RiverSoul, Aayu,Sandhya, Ryn,Harshita, Priyanka, Anwesha and countless others always there to encourage me (thanks from the bottom of my heart guys)
4. Mampi supports me through and through.....(naturally if someone cute supports me, I will turn cute too)
5.I love reading .However I am into music as well. Can't live without both of them! (strange combination-I know)
6. I love Tom and Jerry (even at this age and after having seen it countless times in my life already)
7. Daydreaming is my biggest vice. Most of the times I dream about places I long to travel- thats the cutest thing I know about me because I can sit alone for hours altogether and still not feel lonely...(no, i am not weird!-lolzz)
I pass this on to each and every person who reads this post and blog because they all are equally cute for me-they make my blog look the best :) Thank You once again!
PS: Sorry for my long absences friends. I have my exams and unfortunately they have been postponed due to elections. I will be infrequent on the blog world but I promise I will catch up with the blogs as soon as I can. Sandhya and Preeti-thanks for your concern. I am alright, just a little busy:)