Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chicken feed

Feeding us
just as a butcher
fattens a hen, a goat
before killing it
in one stroke....
Tall promises!
Chicken feed!

Uninterrupted electricity
recarpeted roads
fixed traffic lights
solved 'fast track' cases
they need us....
they require our approval....

It's our blood
stamped across
yet another assent for them
to fill their coffers another five years.

Why should we vote?
For whom should we vote?
Is this the campaign?
Jaago Re! Jaago Re!

Let me state here that I am not against voting. This poem is just a small attempt to highlight the dilemma that we as citizens face each time there are elections.


Hopeless Romantic said...

hi, my first visit here...nice blog n i like quite a few poems u have posted...keep penning !!

wld like to come back here to read more..have fun...do visit mine !!

tk care,

Just call me 'A' said...

feeding hens and goats and then butchering then relates so clearly to the fat promises made by politicians and then broken the moment they are voted. where have you been?

Arv said...

no idea :P

Phoenix said...

hey im with you on this one.. you echo my thoughts... well thought of post!

Anonymous said...

no idea too! :P

and hope u r back to bloghopping soon! :)

Pinku said...

hahahha!!! the great indian election-comedy show...

Harshita said...

I agree... it is just a general feeling inside all of us.

Nicely written... and welcome back... Gayab-Aaya!!

Think Tank said...

exactly ..which moron are we supposed to vote for? the murderer the swindler or just the one who sleeps thru his workday?

plz remove word verification yaar

Anonymous said...

@ Amit-thank you for your generous words. If you will see your blog, I have followed you too..you write well:)

@ A-I have been at home...exams start tomorrow:) wish me luck. Thank you for sticking with me inspite of my long absence..You are a true friend:)

@Arv-thats what I meant to say.We have no idea whom to vote!(thank you for your comment)

@Phoenix-welcome back to my blog. Thank you for your comment gal:)

@Leo-thank you. I have started bloghopping. Have so much to read..so many posts of so many people. Will do so surely....

@Pinku-lolz, it is a comedy actually.Thank you for your comment...

@Harshita-thank you gal. Sorry for not commenting so many days. Will be coming to your blog soon. I am not back. My exams start tomorrow but in my free time I will make sure I read all the posts I have missed:)

@ Think tank-thank you. Will do that immediately.

phatichar said...

bloggo re..!

Cute one.. ;-)

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

Saw the campign
felt hard for it,
took a paper
and then listed the parties in it.

For a long time
I gave thought
for whom should i vote
and whom not.

Failed in the attempt,
for me everyone was corrupt.

I pinky-ponkyed them
but as a citizen
that too i cant do.
Coz i can do a role
of no-man
but not of a traitor.

So I left the stage
and sat there,
in that gathering
as a mere spectator.

Sandhya said...

nice to see you back!!

Anonymous said...

@ Phatichar-thanks:)

@Priyanka-Never had such response from anyone for any post! Put this on your blog gal:) Nice take and thanks.
Just one thing-I really liked the word "pinky ponkeyed"(lolz).What is it supposed to mean?

@Sandhya-thanks. How did you like my poem?

Shal said...

im sure every Indian has these questions
Well captured ! :)

Manish Raj said...

Good analogy..All the best for exams..

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

i just made a past tense of the word pinky-ponky :P (the one people do to pick when they are uncertain of what to take. Eg: choosing the best option in the objective type questions in examination!! :P)

hope i answered u :)

hey n thnx for tht idea.. vl post it soon. thnx mithe :)

tinkerbell said...

this isn't the first time i've appreciated your way of penning down social issues in rhyme!! way to go !!

How do we know said...

Vote, my dear, Vote.. thats ur only hope.

balajihands said...

hey! guys..no one heard about O-49 rule.. vote for it.

I am going to do the same tomorrow (13th May, 5th and last poll),

I don't want voting % less because of me, also on the other hand, I don't like to these corrupted politicians.so, thought to use o-49.

Voting is our freedom. Don't say, I don't want it.

To vote, for nation (o-49), I am put a leave for one day (office, Rs.950 gone), travel expense Rs.1000. But I earn..self satisfaction.

JAI HO!!!!

NOTE:someone may say, the button for o-49, Govt can provide in voting m/c, for there sake, The case is still in hearing in supreme court for past 2 years.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

yes dear. we r responsible citizens who want to vote but whom to after all politicians r not d responsible ones :D

good one :)

Anonymous said...

you have been awarded at my blog..click the link for surprises.. :)

missed you!!

Anonymous said...

@ Shal-thank you gal. Nice to see you on my blog:)

@ Manish-you are back! good...thank you very much

@Priyanka-yes, I did. There's no need for thanks-what are friends for?

@Tinkerbell-thank you. I thought you had stopped blogging my Saudi friend!

@How do we know-again teh same question-whom too? Did you vote this election?

@Balaji-I had no idea at all. thank you very much for making me aware:)Will visit your blog sometime soon

@Preeti-thank you very much gal! Howz you and how was the trip?I need your mail ID. Would love to chat about the trip..

@ Pink Orchid-Thank you Thank You thank you!:)Will claim it soon


Ashutosh Didwania said...

Hey..whr have ur posts disappeared..

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

u r wonderful mithe :)

hey i posted in my blog..expecting ur comments ther!!!

Mampi said...

very apt, and something that we can all relate to.
but thank god, that in a small small way the democracy won,and for the first time we voted for sanity and a sane person. hope this continues.

Anonymous said...

@ Ashutosh- I am back! Finally..see my post:)

@ Mampi-Yes, I feel that too:)

@ Priyanka-am just going to your blog:)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i am good mithe. and the trip was one of life time. :)

but my net has got some problem thz days n i need to fix it soon.

here's my id,


ym- mutinous_pree

hope r good dear. u hv been missed by me a lot. :)

tc :)