Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back Again?

Hello Everyone! Am back again after such a long hiatus. I am really sorry I have not been able to blog-hop for such a long time now. My exams are almost over and I will definitely be a regular fixature from now on.
I am facing a problem today-it's a first for this blog-what do I write about? Its been so many things to write about that I am quite confused where to begin...
Wait..on second thoughts, let me start with the newest event of my life-my newly born niece Jasmine! Here is something I wrote down as soon as I saw her photograph-she is so cute....

(That miracle of creation….)

As the earth spun towards a new dawn
a lovely flower on this earth was born….
one plaintive cry heralded her arrival
a new being had announced her survival!

A red rose dear?
one teddy bear?
a breath of fresh air?
Who exactly was she?
The ans: an exceptionally beautiful Jasmine!

Crinkly hands
chubby cheeks
ruby red lips
very very small feet
Ah me!
That miracle of creation
was finally for us to see….

A burdened being she is
Oh yes!
Infact she has fallen into such a mess…
a mess of blessings
a mass of love
a bundle of kisses
a bunch of hugs!

Mama wishes ….
Time- don’t hustle by very fast
don’t make it too good to last
don’t make her grow old too swift
she is OUR precious gift!

Papa whispers…
My strong arms entwine you today
as they will whenever you say
My girl, I promise to make you see
all those life’s gifts that were denied to me…..

Big bro says….
I am young yet to hold you in my arms

but for 'gootness' you have oodles of sisterly charms!
Grow old fast
I need a playmate to make me last!

All said and done
God has been benevolent on everyone
that miracle of creation he bestowed us with
is a very very precious gift
we promise to nurture her with full zest
coz the Almighty has blessed us with HIS very best!

The family prays….
May HE grant us the strength for:
Heart of our heart
flesh of our flesh
our precious burden
to bring up and protect!

I truely hope that she becomes successful in everything she undertakes all her life....
As for all my friends-thank you for sticking by me even when I was not present for so many days. I will be coming to your blogs soon-have a lot to catch up on:)