Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Bliss

Let me be free
from this mirage of life
Let me escape 
without any blight
Remove my shackles bound so tight

Let me flee....

.....into the light

This bliss of silence is all I seek
and forever unto that I want to cleave.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Conundrum

A child I am.....a child within

with the beads threaded on thin


everyone but me- I am still yearning to see

anyone but me- is still a mystery....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fantasy Of Life

My sister in Mangalore asked for a poem to be written on the topic Fantasy of Life. It is based on my earlier poems on 'Perspective of Life' but this is what I came up with:
The azure blue sky with white cottony clouds 
sea kissing the beach’s mouth 
miniature rainbows illuminating through dew drops
the sound of a horse-clippety clop, clippety clop!
“Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy....”

Poor Man:
Working hard all day 

earning more pennies come what may 
O Lord, I implore thee to heed... 
I have four mouths back home to feed 
“Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy....”

Rich Man:
Colourful translucence of polished floors
finest wooden mahogany doors
the biggest garden one can find
a big fat cheque ‘just to be kind’!
‘‘Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy.....”

Education and empowerment in my life
ending of all dowry-related strife smiling parents at my birth
not considering me as a burden on earth....
‘‘Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy.....”

Arms of my mother around me
feeding me chocolate and candy a bunch of gifts from my father
is enough to fill the house with my laughter!
‘‘Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy.....”

Standing on the podium with a glitter at my neck 

preferably ‘the gold’ as it is the very best
carnations crowning my head 
awaiting the celebrations to be held.....
‘‘Ah Me! My ultimate fantasy.....”

Different people 

various lives
many fantasies

One world

One motion
the wheels of life
churn on and on....

The poem was declared second:)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I was surfing the internet and stumbled on this link. You have to go and see it! This blog is a treasure...
Hey, by the way, its nice to be back! I missed all of you..